Product Details

Product Details

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Dry & Wet Cylinder Liner


Accurate Technocast Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of wet & dry cylinder liners and sleeve for Auto, Tractor, Diesel Engine, Marin Engine, Commercial Engine & Earth Movers applications.

As Wet and Dry Cylinder Liners manufacturers we cater a wide variety of Wet and Dry Cylinder Liners in India and in recent time our product Wet and Dry Cylinder Liners in India has been able to attract customers from the global market also. For years we have been known for our safe operational and low maintenance product features which conform to the International standards. In recent years we have gained popularity as being one of the most reliable Wet and Dry Cylinder Liners exporters.

Dry Liner

It is in direct contact with engine block. The outer diameter is very precise and perfect without contours.

Wet Liner

It comes with sealing grooves for 'O' rings and is always in direct contact with water. A wet liner is generally heavy and thick walled